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Now, before you delve into my little collection of videos showing men in thongs, talking about thongs or something related to man-thongs have a quick look at this interesting site called the Men’s Thong Forum:
Men’s Thong Forum

Aaron Rodgers wearing a thong?

Well, I looked at the photograph and my conclusion is that he wasn’t wearing a thong. To me this just doesn’t look like a thong. Aaron himself denied the accusation as well. However, I thought the interest in this was notable. Notable as in, ‘why would this be important to begin with?’ Oh, I don’t know, maybe some men like wearing THONGS?!?! Just to throw an idea out there… Someone even wrote a few lines in a song about Aaron Rodgers’ thong and posted a YouTube video.

Click on the photo below to read the short blurb put out by Chicago CBS Aaron Rodgers wearing a thong.

Straight Guy Underwear Crisis Resolved!

Well, it isn’t a thong, but I do like the notion of getting straight guys to put on cool underwear. I say the briefs are definitely an improvement.

Davey Wavey helps a straight guy with underwear.

Davey Wavey helps a straight guy with underwear.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of discovering the REAL Thong Man, Joseph H. Gottschalk who became famous for riding his bicycle in a thong.
Joseph Gottschal Thong Man Sticker

Joseph H. Gottschalk (a.k.a. Thong Man)

Here’s a recent YouTube post (as of 6/4/2012) of a man, John Vosper, nonchalantly thonging in public at the beach. I like this one in particular because this guy is very comfortable wearing his thong in public. This is in contrast to similar videos. I’ve seen quite a few of these videos on YouTube. One in particular stuck in my mind where a guy wearing a pink thong on the beach (as a joke/prank/dare with his friends) gains the attention of female admirers who then request photos of the thonger posed next to them. Nice! I wish I had known that secret in college. I suppose the attention is sort of like playing guitar on stage only it’s more of an assault if you haven’t had a Brazilian wax job.

A Man Wearing a Man Thong in Public

Sadly, he’s not wearing a thong. This is a photograph of an athlete holding his breath and attempting to break a record at the Performance Freediving International’s Deja Blue III – off the coast of the Cayman Islands. Oh yeah, about the thing that looks a lot like a thong (or G-string) over his wetsuit – apparently that’s part of the wetsuit, a two piece freediving suit with a top that seals with a crotch strap/beaver tail. But, still, I think it looks really cool even if it isn’t an actual thong/G-string. And, just to make a point, I don’t really believe they *had* to choose such high contrasting colors for the suit. I say someone else out there likes the look just as much as I do. Click on the photo to see more pictures.

Performance Freediving Internationals Deja Blue III thong question answered

I’ve been looking for this for a while now. I just had a feeling I could count a guy like Dennis Rodman to put on a thong. Although it’s only an extremely short glimpse I have finally found it in an interview by Cindy Crawford. So here it is, the infamous Dennis Rodman in a pink thong. (fast forward to 3:05 ~ 3:09)

UPDATE: Bummer – the video was removed! I haven’t updated this link, but I’ll keep my eye out for a replacement link.

Dennis Rodman wearing a thong

This probably doesn’t count, but it is amusing none the less. Here we see Cameron Mathison playing Ryan Lavery on the ABC soap opera All My Children. Watch closely as he gets up from the table and you’ll see something that looks a lot like a ‘whale tail’ under his clothing! What? Could he be wearing a man thong? No way! Well, he says it wasn’t a thong, but a shirt under his clothing.

Click on the image to play the YouTube video.

Cameron Mathison (Ryan) on the ABC soap opera All My Children wearing a thong

I find it amazing that in 1979 a pair of man thongs were actually available. Here we see Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols wearing nothing but a thong throughout his entire video. Now, if you asked me he should have also included a pair of combat boots along with his man thong. That would have made for a nice touch. RIP Sid!

Click on the picture to see the YouTube video.

Sid Vicious Wearing Thong underwear

Axl Rose Wearing a Thong

Famed rock star Axl Rose adorns himself with a thong at least twice. The 1986 video looks like it came from a VHS tape, the quality of the video is horrible and you may not even notice that he is wearing a thong in the full version of the song (link just below pictures), but he is. The other link is an excerpt of what looks like the ending of a concert, here you see a thong in proper (and more than obvious) form, white, with jockstrap styling (wide band), and no other clothing blocking the view. Axl Rose is full-on thonging like a man.
(click on the pictures below to see the YouTube videos)

Unknown Concert Sweet Child O’ Mine live 1986

Same 1986 video, but in its entirety (Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine live 1986)

Same concert from 1986 – Paradise City: (Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City Live Roxy 1986)

Sisqo in a thong

Yeah, the guy who wrote the thong song has indeed put one on. I like that he coordinated his thong with his cap. I would have preferred that Sisqo along with his Big Brother housemates chose to put on these thongs, but that wasn’t the case. However this still counts so here it is. Click on Sisqo’s picture to see the YouTube video.

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers wearing a thong in his “give it away” video (2:18).  By the way, this is an old favorite from back in the day – great song. Click on the image below to play the YouTube video.

Technically this hasn’t anything to do with thongs, but I think everyone would agree that thongs would be appropriate in this situation. After clicking the link and getting the video to play fast-forward to 2:58 ~ 3:32 to see how you can prevent “friction burn.” Many thanks goes to aussieBum for clarifying the Australian Speedo Wedgie.

Here’s a movie excerpt with James Franco shown wearing nothing but a G-String in the movie “Whatever it takes.” When it comes to men wearing thongs a common theme is that it’s a joke or prank. Search YouTube using the words “man thong” and you’ll find plenty of videos showing guys wearing man thongs for the sake of entertainment alone. The prank is a little different for Franco.

This is a review posted on YouTube by “ignorewhatsnormal” who purchased Joe Boxer thongs at his local K-Mart. I’ll have to check out K-Mart and other stores myself to see if man thongs are readily available. He gives a great review and thus it’s worth a watch. Here’s the video (click on the picture).

Dave Warneke, an aspiring comedian and musician did this documentary in jest on “G-Bangers” or better known as G-Strings. This was very entertaining. Good work Dave!

Dave Warneke Experience 3: G String Awareness
(to see the video click on the image below)

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    Gotta love those practical Aussies!

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    I really had no idea men’s thongs were so popular!

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    Thong wearer here. Every day, diferent styles

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