Do Women like men wearing thong underwear?

This is an extremely important topic for all the straight men out there seeking intimate female companionship. The age range of male thong wearers is wide, starting from teenaged boys and spanning well into and beyond middle aged men. I’d say from age 15 through 65+ easily. What they all have in common is a need to wear a thong and feel accepted by the opposite sex – for obvious reasons.

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It is probably safe to say that when asked at point-blank most women will immediately say nay to the idea of their man wearing a man thong. Personally, I feel it’s a bit of a kneejerk reaction to the notion leading to instant dismissal of man thongs.  If you’re a male thonger then I think you’re well aware of this.

In reality we’re talking about undergarments, nothing more and nothing less. So, at that level, no serious argument could ever supersede a choice that is nothing more than personal taste.  I strongly suspect guys have been wearing sexy undergarments for decades and only recently a general awareness of the practice has bubbled up into our consciousness. Thanks to the internet, guys who wear thongs are coming out of the so called closet and posting their experiences in forums. Others are reading about it. We are finding out that this isn’t deviant in the pejorative sense.  Man thongs accentuate things of interest and titillate – yes – but they are far from perversion.  For those women cringing as they read this I dare say try it before rejecting it.  Yes!  Have your man don a pair of proper man thongs and strut around the house fixing stuff while wearing only that.  It may take some getting used to, but I guarantee they will grow on you.

The good news is that many women are totally fine with their man wearing thong underwear.  I ought to know!  This isn’t a dating column, but I will provide my advice to you. Don’t bother hiding your underwear choice. Wear your thong as you normally would and be upfront about it.

UPDATE – 3/25/2012

I submitted a question to Rachel R. White through her blog asking if she herself knew any guys that wore thong underwear. As it turns out she once had a boyfriend who confessed to her that he wore women’s underwear. More importantly -for all you straight guys out there – she and many other women are totally fine with guys wearing feminine underwear. I’ll assume this includes man-thongs. She adds that she likes men in bikinis made for men.

In the video Rachel isn’t sure if I was asking about men wearing thongs as a prank or men wearing women’s underwear. My answer to her is neither since I was actually asking about men wearing thongs made for men as regular everyday underwear.

I send my thanks to Rachel for reading my question and posting her response on YouTube. All the man-thongers on the planet send their appreciation as well.

Man Thong
(a.k.a. Peter Tucker)

Here’s Rachel’s YouTube video responding to my question.
(Click on Rachel’s image to visit her YouTube Post):

Men wearing Thongs/Women's Underwear?!

In the video it isn’t clear why I had said, “this brings me to yet another topic.” I was referring to her video “Exploring Sex Toys for Men” where she brings up the point about social acceptance of vibrators (toys) for women, but not men. It was this double standard that I had referred to on the topic of men wearing thong underwear. My original question submitted through her blog site included the reference, but I had to truncate my original message due to a limited number of characters that could be sent per question. Interestingly, what brought me to that video was my own search for male vibrators. There aren’t many to be found and those that I have bought were horrible.

One Response to Do Women like men wearing thong underwear?

  1. Adam says:

    I wear thongs daily and my wife likes them. She never objected to it originally, but she did not know I wore thongs for at least a year after dating. Once I told her “officially”, she thought it was a bit odd but only because the current standard is that thong underwear for men is not “normal.” She was a fan of my boxers and still likes to see me in those, but she gets more excited and interested to see me in thongs. Now if she picks my underwear for me, they are usually something other than boxers. Additionally, since I swim in bikini speedos, she wants me to get a thong swim suit/speedo.

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