Man Thong Review strives to connect like minded individuals who enjoy man thongs. This site is for men who choose to wear man thongs and the women (or men) in their lives.

About Peter Tucker (a.k.a. Thong Man):

I only wear thongs made for men and have a proclivity toward thongs with a jockstrap styling – although I do wear G-strings once in a while too (made for men of course).

Although I definitely feel that I share something with other men that wear women’s underwear I am a little different in that I want my underwear to be for men with a gender differentiating look. That is to say, I want my underwear to look like a man’s underwear – even if it is a thong.

As for reasons why I like this, I would say that I was simply born this way. I knew this when I was 15 or 16 upon seeing a jockstrap for the very first time. Another reason is that it is kinky – especially back in the days when I would wear a thong infrequently. Today, I wear them everyday so it isn’t so kinky for me any longer. That brings me to the third reason why I wear thongs. I like the look and feel and find it especially enjoyable to walk around the house wearing only a thong.

Man Thong Review was primarily created to bring awareness to others and make the art of wearing man thongs acceptable in society.

– Peter

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