A List of Reasons Why Men Should Wear Thong Underwear

I’ve started a list of reasons why men should wear man thong underwear (or G-strings). Some ideas were mine, but most can be found out on the internet. When you search the net you’ll find many more reasons why a man should wear a thong than I’ve listed here. I’m still adding to this list. It takes a little time on my part to digest, format and add my own comments, so check back often! By the way, as I continue scouring the internet for ideas I have found it hard at times to restrain myself from blasting some of the arguments that I’ve come across. Let’s just say some ideas I’ve found are sopping wet. But, then I had to ask myself, “is wet necessarily a bad thing?” The answer to that is no. Enjoy!

    • Surf Boat Rowing.  This is definitely one of the more practical reasons to wear a thong. It turns out that it is better to expose one’s cheeks for the purpose of rowing.  Although I do not know of anyone wearing thongs for this purpose we do see men stuffing the back side of their Speedos into their bum to expose their bare butts.  Yeah, Seriously! Quite possibly hundreds of public examples can be found at the Annual Manly Life Saving Club Surf Carnival where many lifeguards from Australia and New Zealand gather for competition.  I say avoid the hassle of stuffing your crack and buy a proper swimsuit thong! Just do it!
    • Almost Nude Publication. A great example of this is Sylvester Stallone in his 1985 movie “Rambo: First Blood Part II” during the captured scene. The G-String/Thong that Sylvester Stallone wears can be seen as he’s pulled from a leech infested pond.  But, even if you’re not shooting a high budget film for the movie industry you might find yourself using a G-String for a similar purpose.  Let’s say you desire to photograph yourself or others nude for publication (on, say, the internet) then you might also find yourself concerned over the legalities of doing so. In the United States of America we must keep records in accordance with Title 18, § 2257. If you find that a hassle then a G-string or thong might be exactly what you need!
    • Ventilation.   Aside from wearing nothing but a thong I don’t buy it. To me this is really the same sort of excuse your parents issued (back in the day) to explain why they had the Playboy magazine you found in their bedroom. Yeah, sure, you’re reading Playboy for the articles only. I don’t think so! Just for the record and to be fair I will state that I have worn nothing but a thong in the house to stay cool without using the air-conditioning thereby saving on energy costs. I have to admit that this works quite well during hot weather (above 85° F for me). You will see the difference in your electric bill if you do that often enough during the summer months. But, the ventilation under clothing argument is bull – sorry.
    • Empathy for women.  Some time back I found a post in Yahoo! Answers (I think it was Yahoo! Answers) where a women agreed that men should wear thongs so that they know what it feels like. I think she said something like, ‘if they like thongs so much then they can wear them.’ Well, I say that’s a good point – really. Many guys who would rather die than be caught in a thong are the same guys who find thongs on women exciting. I like the tit-for-a-tat attitude.
    • Motivator to say fit.   Honestly, for anyone to pull of wearing a thong (men or women) you’ve got to be fit. Otherwise a steamy idea could suddenly become a TMI situation. Even if you wear a thong only in the bedroom that’s no excuse to let yourself go.
    • It’s Tribal    This is an interesting argument that, initially, I totally blew off as BS, but now I believe there’s a decent measure of truth to this. Consider all the edgy piercings men and women have adorned themselves with during the late twentieth century (oh, say, from 1980 to present). Piercings are tribal. What about the all-to-common tribal armband tattoo? Compare the fundoshi to men’s thongs. Yeah, okay, so we accept some tribal things, but not necessarily tribal thongs for men – not yet anyway.
    • Choices.  There is the argument that brings to light how it’s socially acceptable for a woman to wear, say, men’s boxers (or “boy shorts”) without the same sort of social stigma a man-thonger might receive. This is a point that I’ve seen in posts by cross-dressers a number of times. Of course it’s a bit different for a man-thonger since we only wear man thong underwear compared to the endless attire a cross-dresser would have, but I say this is a rather good point. It’s just underwear! Why should women have all the choices?
    • Ballet This is probably the least subjective reason to wear what I’ve been describing as a “man-thong” – that is a thong specifically made for and worn by men. For ballet men wear a “dance belt” under their tights. It isn’t referred to as a thong, but essentially it is the same thing. Google it!
    • Wedgies.  Apparently, regular underwear will bunch up in a way that gives the wearer a “wedgie.”  I really would never have believed this if it weren’t for my girlfriend casually mentioning this particular advantage that thongs provide.  It seems counter intuitive, but that’s what she tells me – which is that the fabric making up the backside of regular women’s underwear (panties, bikini and similar) has a tendency of bunching into the infamous wedgie.  Uh, yeah, that’s what she tells me. At this point we’ve both assumed this is a problem encountered primarily by females and not males, but I would be interested in some feedback from men on this topic.   I definitely see the argument of thongs over ordinary boxers under jeans; however, boxer briefs or other tight fitting underwear should solve that problem.  So, for now I don’t buy the story simply because I never had this problem – ever.    On the flipside if you fess up and tell me this is just an excuse to wear man thongs then you have my full support!
    • Exercising while saving on your laundry bill – If you exercise at home try wearing just a thong to prevent getting your clothing full of sweaty body odor.  You’ll not only save money by doing less laundry – it’s environmentally friendly.
    • Feeling Sexy – I’ve asked many man-thongers their reasons for putting on that thong and one answer that comes back a lot is that it feels sexy to wear a man-thong. This is no different than women enjoying their lingerie simply for the sake of feeling sexy. Obviously, man-thongs aren’t accepted by the general population in quite the same way, but that is changing.
    • Super Hero – This is better explained through this YouTube video.

23 Responses to A List of Reasons Why Men Should Wear Thong Underwear

  1. Billy G. says:

    I love wearing thongs because it gives me pleasure while I feel something very close to my anal also it’s not limited to woman I have the freedom to wear whatever I like appropriate for me and made particularly for men.

  2. Random says:

    As I 25 year old guy I’m sure I can speak for a lot of guys,

    While I was at school every oppurtunity I got I was up at a family members on the NSW mid north coast surfing and body boarding, I used to just free lance under my wetsuit untill one day where I ended up in strife and near knocking my self out with a suspected spinal injury (head first into a sand bar)

    so the ambo’s came took me off to hospital and cut my wetsuit off me for X rays etc only to be left in a hospital gown.

    Ever since then at the age of 18 I bought a G string to wear under my wetsuit and it drove me nuts for the first time wearing it under my wetsuit but as time went on I got used to it wearing it under my wetsuit.

    Wearing it under my wetsuit turnt into wearing it to bed, wearing it to bed turnt to wearing it all day once a week then a couple of times a week then all the time.

    but for me I found personally some of the g strings cause more of that “wedgie” then others, As I have personally discovered that the microfibre one’s (such as the jockey g strings available on ebay just search for “mens jockey g string”)

    I found them extreemly comfertable and wear them all day every day and forget that I’m actually wearing a g string until I drop my dacks. And being microfibre they stretch around and conform to your shape (they even stretch enough when your errect)

    There also light weight, keep you cool as not only do I wear them under my work pants but also under a pair of gym shorts, Heck I even wear them under my board shorts while swimming.

    so from my experiances I’ve found the microfibre ones for guys tend to be the best way over some of the cotton / elastene types.

    But I’ve now been wearing them everyday for the past 7 years and I slipped on a pair of Speedo briefs the other day to do a mini triatholon with a few mates and they felt so bloody weird having all that extra fabric covering my rear end,

    and if your wondering yes I can just run round in speedos and a triatalon singlet doing mini triatalons here in Sydney (NSW Australia) because I like to keep my self fit and healthy and I might as well keep my self fit and keep up that typical “surfers look” stereo type that I tend to carry (blonde hair blue eyes fit and healthy with a tan)

  3. Eric says:

    Ok, nice and convincing stories, anyone ever tried on a string-body ? I like them to sleep in, not too tight and of a ‘breathing’ light fabric like the ones by Doreanse (ebay)..

  4. bonet says:

    I want to wear a thong in public but i dont want it to be seen.

    • Man Thong says:

      @bonet – Do you mean that you desire to sport nothing but a thong in public? Some guys will visit the beach wearing only a man-thong. Why don’t you want to be seen?

  5. Jonathan says:

    I’m not really a big fan of thongs… I like g-strings more… Especially if the back string is made of very thin and sharp metal

  6. Roger says:

    I started wearing thongs for indoor UV tanning, to get a hole body tan. After a while I grew to really liking them and now I wear them all the time. They feel good, it feels like your wearing nothing. This past year I have also been tanning outdoors with just a thong, at the beach or a hidden place in the park. The area I’m in is pretty old fashion so I have to be careful what I do.

  7. Pietro says:

    I have a really great ass that my thong accentuates nicely. I like to get up early with a nice hearty cup of coffee and walk around my back yard in my g string thong. My yard is pretty much closed in by trees, but I feel so sexy in my thing, and only half hope that none of my neighbors wives (or husbands!) will see me!

  8. mike scott says:

    can someone tell me, I’m a UK guy who’s just started wearing thongs, great in this hot weather we’re having, should the thong be worn resting against the buttock cheeks, or tight up between the cheeks? Mine tends to ride up there anyway.

    • Man Thong says:

      A proper fit is an important part of which thong to buy. Generally, we only get three sizes from most, but not all, manufactures. Therefore, the stretchiness of the fabric is part of the overall equation – the fit. For me, at least, I purchase different brands and styles – some work out great others not so great. A couple of times I’ve found variation in size despite having bought exactly the same size, brand and style. The bottom line is the manufacturer. Experiment and find what works for you.

  9. Tino says:

    I have been wearing Man thongs for years. My ex-wife is a thong wearer and she bought me a pair as a gag gift, well at first it was akward but shortly after wards I began to purchase my own..She told me that I have a 10+ nice ass and that I look damn good in them. It also increased my sex life. I love the way they hold my package in place and not flopping around.. Love them and I am a 57 yr old straight 8 male.

  10. Yaneris V. says:

    I am a woman and I love to see a man in a thong! My husband wears them and I love them. I prefer skimpy sexy thongs on him. I really like to see him wear clear-lined thongs like the ones found at http://www.E-kini.com. They are clear-lined so they make him appear nude without having to be. Those are my new favorite ones. A man in a thong = Very Sexy!

    • Steve says:

      My wife bought me my first thongs a few months after we met. I assumed it was a bit of a joke until she told me that she would really like me to wear thongs rather than boxers. I knew by then that she only ever wore tiny g-strings and I found that really sexy. And i mean tiny – previous girlfriends had worn thongs, but these were something else. So I thought that given i liked her underwear, i ought to give the thongs a go.

      Now I never wear anything else and my wife wouldn’t want me to. I love the comfort and support and am glad my wife suggested it as I probably wouldn’t have tried a thong otherwise.

  11. johny says:

    i wear thong undies around the house and i live with my mom, she thinks its the norm for the young people, which is awsome. i also wear my thong swimsuits out in my yard, sunbathing, in the garden, the public pool and the beach. ive even went into stores with just a tshirt and thong bathing suit on. never, ever have i got an flack, so now i have like 15 thong bathing suits.

  12. Dude says:

    Simple for me. Most men have a condition that most are not aware of. I found out after two surgeries I was one of those men. I remember time and time again, doctors telling us, support for men is important, and if not done properly, can lead to health issues. Rather than go into all those issues and the causes, I would rather go into why these are good for your health.
    Would you want to wear spandex all day to properly support everything..and event then, it doesn’t support it correctly? All I can say..legs going numb just standing there..sucks. These things hold everything in place as they should, AND allow you to move and even be active while correctly retaining the support needed in the right way. After I have spent TONS of money trying to find the right thing so I was not back under the knife…I found the thong. Apparently our ancestors knew something we didn’t.

  13. Christopher says:

    Well I just started to wearing thongs today! And I love the way they feel! But I hated that the way man underwear gives me a wedgy boxers and whity tightys they all do it to me!

  14. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been wearing thong underwear since 2000. I also bought a thong swimsuit and wore it a few times until I realized that I could be nude at certain beaches. I liked the feeling of being sexy when I started, but now it’s just a habit. I hardly think about it any more. This is link to a report I wrote in 2000: http://www.authspot.com/Journals/A-True-Thong-Story.58776

  15. Joao says:

    Just bought a pair of microfiber thongs, at first I could feel it but after a couple days wearing I can barely tell if it’s there, awesome feeling of comfort and support down there. I’m sold to them. I don’t care about panty lines, only comfort.

    But I’m kinda concerned about what women think about it, searching on the internet it looks like most hate thongs on a man. Why is that?

    • Man Thong says:

      My girlfriend is totally fine with me wearing men’s thongs. It’s not a big deal with us. Many women out there are fine with it too. You just need to wear them simply because that’s your choice and your preference. Everything else will fall into place from there.

      • Joao says:

        Thank for your words, but I’m still afraid to wear them. I have asked opinions about men’s thongs on my country’s menshealth forum and everyone answered with criticism and that only gay people wear them, that I should go for it if I want a wedgie all day flossing my b#tt crack(I have tried and this is not true at all),… Portugal, the macho men country.

        • Man Thong says:

          I’m sure other men in Portugal feel inhibited too. If you wear what you like with confidence then you’ll help others feel more comfortable about wearing man thongs.

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