Joe Snyder Thong JS03

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Years ago (oh, maybe around 2009) I ordered the Joe Snyder Rio thong. The Rio thong is somewhat similar to the JS03 thong, but with a huge difference in the pouch. The Rio is very narrow up front whereas the JS03 is more of a regular cut. The skinny pouch that the Rio offers never resonated well with me resulting in my overlooking other styles offered by Joe Snyder. Luckily, I’ve rediscovered Joe Snyder during one of my recent shopping sprees searching for new men’s underwear (thongs, bikinis, briefs and boxer briefs). When I found the Joe Snyder Thong JS03 I just loved it.

Other than “JS03” I’m not 100% clear on the exact name of the thong, but I will look into these important matters!

The thong is very sleek without any accessories such as enhancement and, to me, the cut is just normal. the material is wonderful – not ultra thin or sheer – just a great feeling polyamide/spandex material. I contacted the manufacturer and found out that this thong is intended to be used as regular underwear or swimwear. However, I would pick dark colors for water since the lighter once might become a bit see through.

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13 Responses to Joe Snyder Thong JS03

  1. Adam says:

    I love these thongs and I have several of them, they are the brand and style I prefer the most.

  2. nick says:

    i love my joe snyder thongs, the 03 thong is my favorite….i am a daily thong wearer of all brands, but my snyder ones top the chart…you really do forget you are wearing underwear….they draw a lot of attention at the gym too….especially when i am wearing the rainbow stripe thong…..the ironic part is i’m straight…but i like the attention with the pride thongs…..i have several different brands of pride thongs and bikinis but the snyders are the best….

    • Man Thong says:

      @nick – Thanks for sharing your story with us. Wearing a man-thong is simply a choice so I’m glad to hear you make no compromise when visiting the gym locker room. More power to you!

      • nick says:

        hell yeah i did it again today…..walked in wearing my blue js thong and worked out in it then changed into my red speedo thong under my shorts and went swimming in it…..the cute lifeguard got a peek at it too….on purpose of course…..she just smiled and when i walked past she said…..I love red by the way…..i was feeling great…..then a male power rainbow thong for the ride home…….i love my thongs……

  3. John says:

    I really like the look of this thong. I just recently started wearing thong. I have a hard time finding ones that dont have a really thick strap though. I like a small string around the hips but not like a gstring. i like the triangle right at the top of the ass. I have a hard time finding things like that. This one looks similar to what im looking for i might give it a try. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know

    • Man Thong says:

      Hello John, The Joe Snyder S03 is an excellent thong. After falling in love with the first pair I bought I’ve since bought many more – roughly around ten. I like the material quite a lot – not too thin and not to thick. I wear this thong as an every day thong under work clothing and around the house (with no pants).

  4. Mike says:

    I’m a fan of man thongs and have been for awhile. I wear thongs daily, because I feel sexy. For all you men out there gay or straight, wear a thong and have no shame.

  5. Arun says:

    I have become addicted to thongs since my wife bought me a pair of joe Snyder pride thongs. All I have are joe Snyder thongs where I wear to office work and casual. I see that I get noticed at the gym and office, gives me the biggest confidence. I love my thongs specily in my tight suite, where my front package and my fit body get noticed. Also since I started wearing them I have been motivated more to stay in shape and groom my package and ass. Thus my sex life has been.

  6. Arun says:

    As I posted earlier thongs have changed my sexy life. As I wear them to gym, I had this great encounter at the locker room where this Latin hunk who has been checking me out past few weeks had come in the sauna where I was relaxing and he carried a casual conversation and I began to to notice he was checking me out, slowly the checking out turned into us making out giving blow job to each other. As days continued we became great buddies..

    I was never interested in guys for some reason in that moment I couldn’t resist him, maybe his hot muscular body and hot ass and tanned body moreover groomed package.

    Secondly, at the office this hot chick who has been checking me out since I startered wearing thongs one day seduced me while I dropped off her home late. She called me into her apartment since her husband was on work trip. She clearly told me straight forward that she wanted me to be her lover. And she has noticed the change in me. She loves it, I couldn’t resist as she was hot.

    All this experience as result of joy Snyder pride thongs. Drastically my sex life has changed… much I love my wife to death. I have become a bisexual and having an affair….

  7. akheelali says:

    wearing thongs keep u more sexier n make everybody want u specially guy n gay

  8. harry head says:

    The best so comfy,sexy I have several pairs wear them every day just love the feel forgot I was wearing them one day and had a doctors appointment she just complemented me on my underwear 3

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