Mansilk Silk Knit Pouch M210

I just realized something amazing about this thong. I’ve been able to purchase this same thong for more than ten years. Just scroll through previous reviews and you’ll get the impression that it’s commonplace for a style to be discontinued. That’s not the case with the Mansilk M210 Thong. I remember buying my first pair in the early part of 1999 and I can still buy these from various online distributors (as of January 2012). This thong has been available for over thirteen years! Amazing! I would surmise there’s a healthy demand!

So, a few of my comments about the thong itself: The pouch is BIG and I mean that with no exaggeration. The fine silk material feels incredible. The fact that the fit is designed to be loose allows for a bit of fun in an otherwise humdrum day – if you know what I mean. If you don’t then try these under your dockers for a day in the office.

Personally, though, this is not my everyday underwear mostly because I’m a petite dude and have a preference for tighter fitting underwear. But, on occasion I’ll put these on for play.

Mansilk Silk Knit Pouch (M210)

Silk Thong made by Mansilk

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5 Responses to Mansilk Silk Knit Pouch M210

  1. Brody says:

    I just started wearing thongs and have been trying out different brands. The ManSilk Knit one, so far, is the most comfortable. Some others have been a painful waste of money!

    • Man Thong says:

      Hi Brody, Are you talking about the Mansilk Silk Knit Thong (M201)? I’ll have to try these. I feel your pain with regards to finding a good fitting thong. By now I’ve purchased hundreds of thongs looking for just the right style and fit. At one point I bought a sewing machine with intentions on making my own man thongs. Actually, you need a serger machine for making underwear. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. DJ says:

    You should post a review of a men’s c-string. I’ve been curious to try one out, but I’m unsure whether it’s worth it to get one yet. It sounds like you’re a skinny guy like me, so you could probably relate to the concern of whether it would stay in place!

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