Men’s Knitted Thong

Well, I’ve seen some far out thongs before, but this one takes the cake! It’s a knitted thong made by Joan McGowan-Michael the owner of and designer for White Lies Designs. Well, I think it’s great that she made this design – even if it turns out to be a little scratchy in practice. If you are interested in knitting one yourself then visit

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  1. Joan M-M says:

    Knitted in a cotton/Lycra blend, this thong isn’t scratchy at all! It breathes nicely thanks to the cotton and also gives good support (I hear that’s important) with the Lycra content.
    Of the gentlemen who I’ve spoken with who have worn this thong, all have said the comfort factor is high. Nice to know!

    • Thong Man says:

      Hi Joan, Thanks for the note and clarification about what material to use! (Note to self: never use wool material for a man thong.)

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