Gregg Homme Commando Thong (87504)

It has been a while since I’ve upgraded my thong collection and what better choice than an ultra supple and sheer man-thong? Without a bulky waistband or tight pouch it’s almost not there. The sheer fabric is so thin that you can feel the air blowing and the warmth of a hand through the fabric. This is the most sensual and erotic thong I’ve ever owned. The styling is a bit different from what I normally wear, but I could get used to this. As I’ve recently told a fellow thonger it is an absolute must to be shaved very close due to the sheer fabric. Also, this design is a lot more see-through than the pictures indicate.

UPDATE January 21, 2012: Lately, I’ve been wearing this thong during weekends and I have to say that I’m really enjoying this thong! My girlfriend describes this thong as the perfect “houseboy” thong.

UPDATE March 25, 2012: I’m still enjoying this thong – immensely. I really like the styling of the front – similar to a swim trunk Speedo, but with less material. It’s more – well – slutty. That is how my girlfriend describes this thong anyway. It’s true though.

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  1. thongchick says:

    If you’re a guy wondering whether your woman will be ok with your thong-wearing habit, try showing up in this one!

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