Papi Modern Stretch Thong

For the past few months I’ve predominately worn white thongs by Papi, wearing either their Platinum Thong or their Cotton Stretch Thong. I simply cannot state enough how much I love the Platinum thong, it fits very well and I love the fabric (some type of microfiber – Nylon/spandex). If there’s something that I cannot stand it’s a poorly fitting thong, especially if the cup or pouch area doesn’t fully cover, and encase my stuff. 🙂 A thong has to be built right, strong and durable and it must fit just correctly. I know some avid male thong wearers out there like having things creep out, but that just gives me the creeps. I want order, tidiness, and especially for my thong I want it to be prim, proper and strong looking. The platinum achieves this, or it did – it’s discontinued 🙁 However, sometime this week I got tired of wearing the Platinum Thong, because it was a bit heavy (uncharacteristic of me) so I grabbed a pair of black Papi Modern Stretch from my drawer. I hadn’t worn these for a long time (a year?), yet I must have ten pair of these in black. When I first began to wear thongs I originally chose the color black, solid black and had no other colors, but around 2009 my girlfriend suggested that I get some thongs in solid white. Somewhat reluctantly, I began wearing white, and then I realized this was the correct way and now I want nothing but white thongs. Getting back to my story, even though I only had black I put on a pair of Papi Modern Stretch Thongs, because they’re lighter than the Platinum Thongs. However, the Papi Modern Stretch Thongs have that wonderful microfiber fabric (probably Nylon/spandex) and after wearing these all week long I’ve come to enjoy how they feel. It’s a shame they never came in white (I’m fairly sure that is the reason I never had a white pair of the Motion Thong).

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2 Responses to Papi Modern Stretch Thong

  1. Adam says:

    I like these thongs, especially for sport activity. There material was great and fit was excellent, although they rode a little on the hips for my liking.

  2. Andy says:

    I still have this thong in red and blue. It’s so sad they did not continue making them…

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