Bodyaware’s Micro-Mini Pouch (and Power Swim Thong)

Okay, I’ve got to try a pair of these. The Micro-Mini Pouch (K413) seems to be something new from Bodyaware. I’ve been a long time fan of Bodyaware for many years now. They have that small company feel with excellent customer service, communication and of course above average thongs and G-strings. I’ve been ordering from Bodyaware for over ten years (beginning around 2000). Anyway, these look promising and perhaps these can replace my beloved Papi Platinum thong which has been discontinued.

If I weren’t unemployed I’d go ahead and order a couple of pair right now just to try them in solid white (of course!).

Perusing their site a bit more turns up the Power Swim Thong. I want to try this as well!

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