The Gregg Homme Stadium Jock (Style: 86034 White)

Some months back this one caught my eye with its ultra wide 3” waistband, black lace up front, and soft looking contour pouch accented with black. Being that I’ve always been a fan of thongs modeled after jockstraps how could I not like this?

Gregg Homme has always been on the fringe of what’s normally considered edgy for a guy to wear. The word controversy comes to mind when I think of Gregg Homme. As far as I’m concerned this one is strictly for fun. Honestly, though, I want to convert this jock into a proper thong and just so you know I believe this can be done without much fuss. Thongs are simply where I swing. If you’re a fan of jockstraps then I guarantee you’ll enjoy this one. The pouch is some blend of latex and nylon and feels incredible once your cock and balls are encased within this fabric. This jock strap is well suited for being fondled thanks to the silky soft and sheer pouch. You should definitely give this one a try.

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