Shine Thong 8505 by Pikante

Not in the mood for manly jock-strap style thongs, but want something snug or perhaps more snug than usual with a sleek metallic-hue coloring? Well, that would be the Shine Thong by Pikante. Sadly, as near as I can tell these are discontinued. While writing this I intended to shoot off an email to manufacturer, Pikante, only to find their website completely broken (some kind of php related issue). This leads me to believe that they are good at making thongs and not much else. That is fine with me since there’s not a damn thing wrong with staying focused.

The Pikante thong in a word would is “fun.” This thong isn’t, in my humble opinion (IMHO), an everyday garment given the delicate sheen of the material that would likely be ruined with daily washing. For me at least, they fall into the category of something put on for special occasions when the mood compels for something different. It’s the kind of underwear you put on to be seen in. Try cleaning your house with nothing but these on and you will understand!

The upshot is this: You get nice round contours; thanks to the tight fit (not all may enjoy this attribute). Unlike some of my favorite styles they lack seriousness and they look, well, kind of gay (not a bad thing, but a compliment).

Bottom line: you can’t go wrong with an intelligent choice in a name – spicy (special thanks to my girlfriend for pointing that out to me)

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2 Responses to Shine Thong 8505 by Pikante

  1. inathong says:

    I just picked up 4 of this brand and they fit well, the waistband more closely matches the normal size compared to the clever brand…in short they fit like clever with a better fitting waistband

  2. Adam says:

    I have wanted to get these underwear, but went with Clever because of the more basic fabric.

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