Gigo Espejo G-string (Style ESPGS)

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Just a few short months ago last summer I ordered two pairs of the Gigo Espejo G-string (Style ESPGS) just for fun. I got one pair in silver and one in black for $28 each (Hisroom). It has only been a few months since I bought these and already they are discontinued according to Hisroom. Well, I did buy these on a whim so I’m not put out by the fact that these are no longer available, however I find it odd that nearly every review I’ve put up thus far is now a discontinued product. What’s up with that? My only conclusion at this time would be that styles of men’s thongs come and go for whatever reason.

Similar to the Shine Thong 8505 by Pikante these have a beautiful shinny material that I like to refer to as super gay (not a pejorative term in the least and to the contrary many gay guys dress and groom quite well if you ask me). These undies remind me of those Underoos of the 1970s, I feel like a comic book super hero with these on. It’s a little silly, even for me. So, with that said I haven’t really found a regular spot for these other than my chest of drawers in my bedroom. I might put them on if I’m totally bored and/or feeling goofy.  Seriously, though, I do like the tight look quite a lot, the styling is really great and the front package feels tight.  This is a great design.  I just had trouble getting past the shininess as ‘real’ underwear as well as having to handle (wash/dry) delicate material of a rather pricey pair of underwear.

About the fit: These fit tightly and seem to lack stretchiness (it was the same with the Pikante pair as well). The plus side of it would be great outlines and bulbous look in just the right areas – the hallmark of men’s thongs. And, you can’t beat the flashy metallic look!

Overall, Gigo’s stylish approach draws the eye making their designs worth a look. I will have to contact the manufacture to see if they will replace these with something similar.

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6 Responses to Gigo Espejo G-string (Style ESPGS)

  1. thonglover says:

    I must say that I find that shiny snug package plus the superhero attitude both attractive and amusing.

    Ooo Superman! Save me!

  2. Andrey says:

    Thanks a lot for that extremely cool post.

  3. Smallguy says:

    I rally hate men’s thongs. I hate the way they are designed and how they look. They have a tendency to look more like jock straps than thongs. They have the wide waist strap and the ugly big pouches in the front. The strap that go down the back can be pretty wide or thick or too thin… I hate that! I’m sorry to say this, but I can’t get myself to like 99% of men’s thongs I see.

    This one is not too bad. I like how the pouch looks (not the guy, the thong) on the guy with the silver thongs. The back doesn’t look too bad either. The waist strap doesn’t appear as wide as on other men’s thongs. Resembling more that of a women’s thong. If the waist strap was a bit narrower, it would be perfect for me.

    I guess I like better how women’s thongs look. If you know how to pick the right women’s thong (the right size, design, and the right material such as microfiber), there’s no way that any men’s thong can beat the look and comfort of women’s thongs.

    The problem with women’s thongs is that it takes a lot of experience and a good eye to pick the right one. I’m talking about design and material.

    I also like that you can buy them at Target for 2, 3, or four thongs per pack and all for around ten dollars. I can’t justify paying 20-40 bucks for just one thong. For that much money the freakn’ thing better sing and dance for me too.

    I also like the variety of colors they come in. I guess most guys when they think of women’s thongs or panties in general all they see in their heads is feminine colors (such as pink), lace material, or cute girlie print patterns, but most women’s underwear aren’t that way.

    Anyhow, this is just my own personal opinion of men’s thongs. If you prefer the looks and designs of men’s thongs… good for you!

    I only bring it up because I’ve written about men’s vs women’s thongs in different sites and I always get e-mails from guys telling me that they too also prefer the way women’s thong or underwear look, but they are lost are knowing how to pick the right one. Some have tried only to end up picking the wrong size, one that was too narrow in the front, or the wrong material (which makes a huge difference). They are also embarrassed at being seen in the women’s lingerie dept looking around. Which does take some balls to do. But like I’ve told many, “it takes a real man to shop for and wear women’s underwear!”

  4. Thong Man says:


    I’d like to thank you for visiting this site and providing a very honest and passionate point of view. I really like that. If you’re not strictly against men’s thongs then you might check out Bodyaware. I have write up here on Man Thong Review about Bodyaware’s “Tactel Pyramid Gee-String” (Q309). I’ve been buying these for years now.

    Regarding the Gigo Espejo G-string: I really love the front part, how the package is held tight, the sheen from the fabric is a nice touch!

    Regarding styles in general: Personally, I like men’s thongs specifically for the cut in the front. I do have a pet peeve with regards to a man’s junk hanging outside the front of the thong. Were you referring to this sort of problem when man buys the wrong woman’s thong with a front that’s too narrow? One reason I like men’s thong underwear is because the front is made for us. I like everything held neat, prim and proper. So, that’s one reason I don’t gravitate toward women’s thongs. But, I also like a thong to look like it is for a man, so that’s why I own many thongs that model after the jockstrap with wide bands, simplistic colors and contouring pouch. Those are just my own tastes and I do welcome differing tastes. Perhaps I’ll add another poll asking men what style of thong they like to wear.

    – Thong Man

    • Adam says:

      Yes do a new poll.

      I think there are plenty of men’s thongs with lace, colors and proper fit, but it does take time to narrow it down like it does with womens underwear. Although, as mentioned, finding the right pair of mens thongs is more expensive than finding the right pair of womens thongs. Mens thongs are expensive.

  5. Linkrullielia says:

    Aprendi mucho

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